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Twitter is ready to fill mass vacancies it created only a few weeks ago

Elon Musk recently conducted a hands-on meeting informing employees that Twitter has officially started hiring mode. Musk famously fired over 50% of staff (a percentage that represents 7,500 employees) to take over the social media platform. Now, those layoffs have been put on hold, and the company is looking to hire more sales and engineering personnel. The company is also pausing the rollout of Twitter Blue until they have “high confidence in stopping representation.” In what seems like an ironic request, Musk also asked existing Twitter employees to submit reports. Misery, after all, loves company.

Why did Twitter lay off so many employees in the first place?

According to a report from The Verge, Musk has certainly fired those he deemed incompetent, many of the layoffs also being in the form of forced resignations, with language implying that employees had the option to stay on. Musk sent an ultimatum asking employees to agree to work “long, high-intensity hours” or simply leave if they didn’t want to. He also sent an email detailing the level of effort needed to rebuild Twitter, saying, “Moving forward, to build a revolutionary Twitter 2.0 and succeed in an increasingly competitive world, we’re going to have to be extremely hardcore.”

Employees who wanted to stay under the new regime had to click the Yes button in the email. Not doing so by 5pm EST on Thursday indicated that there was no consent and the relevant employees would be terminated along with a severance package.

Did people really want to stay?

Twitter employees have access to a workplace app known as Blind that verifies their employment status and allows them to offer information anonymously. Reuters reported that 42% of 180 employees selected the Take exit, I’m free! option. stay, I’m hardcore.” option in the survey.

Several disgruntled former employees have updated their Twitter bios with terms like “softcore engineer” and “ex-hardcore engineer” to reflect their stance on Twitter’s new workplace culture.

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