Engineers become Britain’s second most trusted profession

According to the latest Ipsos Veracity Index, released today, 87% of people trust engineers to tell the truth.

In a list of 30 different professions, engineers are the second most trusted in Britain, rising from sixth place (scoring at 84%) in 2021. Engineers are also one of only three professions whose trust score is improved since 2021, according to data.

The EIT has been working with the 2022 Ipsos Veracity Index, which has tracked the latest movements in Britons’ confidence in key occupations since the 1980s, to include engineering for the fifth consecutive year.

The profession, which accounts for 19% of the UK workforce, is trusted to tell the truth by almost nine in 10 people (87% of the population), coming in just second place to nurses in the number one bracket (89 per hundred).

This year engineers ahead of doctors, teachers and museum curators to see the profession achieve its highest score ever since engineering was first included in the survey in 2018. Engineers recorded similar levels of confidence in previous years, including an 89 percent score in 2020.

Trust in engineers is equal between genders, with only a one percentage point difference between men and women. Despite this, only 16.5% of engineers and technicians identify as female, something the EIT hopes to address through various campaigns, including its upcoming Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards.

Professor Bob Cryan CBE, President of the IET, said: “Engineers play a central role in everyday life, helping to move the world around us forward and finding solutions to global challenges such as climate change. It’s great to see that almost nine out of 10 people trust engineers – this demonstrates the huge level of professionalism and importance of engineers in the UK.

“The past two years have highlighted more than ever the critical role engineers play in developing technology and rapid processes to keep our infrastructure and economy running.

“This recognition of public trust is a welcome boost to everyone in industry, academia and our communities working together to address the shortages in engineering numbers faced across the UK by encouraging the next generation of talent , as engineering continues to be a vital profession around the world”.

At the bottom of the trust ranking are politicians (12%), advertising executives (14%), government ministers (16%), real estate agents (28%) and journalists (29%).

The Ipsos Veracity Index is an annual survey measuring the trustworthiness of occupations in Britain since 1983. This year’s survey was conducted in two waves of an omnibus telephone survey.

Group one included 1,005 UK adults over 16 who were interviewed between 19 and 26 October 2022, while group two included 1,004 UK adults over 16 who were interviewed between 26 October and November 1, 2022. Data have been weighted to match the population profile.

More information on this year’s veracity rating can be found on the Ipsos website.

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