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Meta Finally rolls out features to protect children and teens on the platform

It’s no secret that Meta’s Facebook and Instagram have been shown to harm teenagers and children. However, psychological harm aside, the platforms make them more susceptible to predators on the internet, a concern she Meta is now trying to address. To make its platforms safer, Meta has started implementing features that limit the interaction of adults with children.

What are Meta’s new security features?

To ensure kids and teens aren’t talking to strangers, Meta is now adding more filters to “People You May Know” displays. Any accounts flagged as suspicious will be removed from these displays, meaning other children and teenagers won’t be able to see them. Also, an account reported as suspicious will not be able to send direct messages to children or teenagers.

Furthermore, upon detecting minors interacting with adults, the platform will display a pop-up asking if they know the person they are talking to. This should help them identify which accounts they need to keep an eye on.

Meta is also partnering with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to protect its young users on the platform. This is a welcome change as the company has been criticized several times in the past for its failure to protect children. Of course, while this is great for Indian audiences, it’s likely that countries where TikTok will still see instances of predators reaching out to young children.

Meta hit with heavy casualties

Speaking of TikTok and its widespread adoption, Meta has seen significant losses with younger audiences and creators migrating to the Chinese-owned social media platform. Meta reported $3.7 billion (roughly Rs. 30,476 crore) in Q3 2022. The company also posted an annual loss of $10 billion last year, bringing its accumulated losses to around $20 billion as of Now.

Are these safety measures for teenagers too little too late? Read here how Meta knew about Instagram’s impact on teen health and how they failed to do anything about it.

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