7 productivity hacks on sale for Black Friday

7 productivity hacks on sale for Black Friday

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Thanksgiving recovery can be difficult enough as it is with the tryptophan in the turkey. But between the potentially long drive home and the thought of heading back to work on Monday, it’s okay to need a little push. We’ve rounded up seven products that can help boost your productivity, and they’re on sale for Black Friday.

*Prices are subject to change.

The trio of Monday drinks

Maybe you had a few drinks yesterday and you’re sitting there today, telling yourself you need to cut back. Let Monday Drinks help you with that. And with the sale going on at The Fascination where you can get the trio for just $99, you have no excuse not to try their non-alcoholic whiskey, gin and mezcal.

Cometeer Coffee

Cometeer Coffee has got to be one of the most intriguing innovations in the coffee industry we’ve seen in quite some time. Their patented technology freezes coffee (which comes from some of your favorite local shops like Counter Culture, Birch and Joe’s Coffee) using liquid nitrogen, preserving the flavor in pods that can be melted and made into a latte, a good ol’ cup of joe’s, or whatever your preference is. Shop through the 30th to get $25 off your first box, $15 off your second, $10 off your third and fourth. That’s a total of $60 in savings.


Thinking of cutting back on coffee? MUD/WTR is a coffee alternative formulated with 100% organic ingredients, the main one being mushrooms. With only 1/7 the level of caffeine that a cup of coffee has, a cup of MUD/WTR won’t even leave you feeling jittery, but you will have a smooth, calm sense of energy and alertness. Through the 28th, spend $35 on the site and get 25% off with code RITUAL25

ASYSTEM productivity gummies

These productivity gummies from ASYSTEM have been popping up everywhere lately, and for good reason. They are an all natural gummy that you can take every day to improve your focus for more than 5 hours. Their key ingredient is Suntheanine┬«, a proprietary concentrated form capable of giving you 20x more L-Theanine than green tea. There are also ingredients like Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Vitamin B-12 which are known to boost energy in a calm and focused way. Put them on sale at The Fascination until the 28th.


There’s nothing like Thanksgiving to inspire cooking fatigue, and Tovala’s Smart Oven and Meal Subscription Plan is your best bet. All you do is order your weekly meals, do about a minute of preparation, and then let the oven scan a QR code. Thanks to wireless connectivity, the oven knows exactly how to cook the meal, if it needs steaming; baking; air frying; to grill; or even a combination of the methods. Tovala is offering the Smart Oven for just $49 instead of $299 when you order six weeks worth of meals in six months, which is a really big win for the days and nights you’re too busy.

Crest wallets

More and more we like a thin wallet that has room for everything we need, but not enough to find ourselves carrying around the receipts of a year ago. All of the materials Ridge wallets are made of are super sturdy, like aluminum or titanium, and they come with a cash strap, money clip, or both. The Fascination has a ton of them on sale right now starting at $68.40.

Roomba J7 and J7 Plus

Is there anything more productive than a vacuum cleaner cleaning the house for you? This year is the year you finally get the powerful Roomba, perfect for pet hair, carpets and hard floors. It also connects with Alexa, so you can power it from your phone. On Amazon, they’re offering up to 42% off the J7 and J7 Plus models.

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