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Jio 5G rolled out across all of Gujarat

Telecommunication company Jio has finished rolling out its 5G services in all 33 district headquarters of Gujarat. This makes the state the first in India to receive 5G services. This is also the largest telecom service launch (on an experimental basis) seen in the country. The company has confirmed that these 5G services will be available to subscribers at no additional cost during the trial period.

“Today, Jio has taken a big step forward by extending its True-5G coverage in each of the 33 district headquarters of Gujarat thus making Gujarat the first state in India to get Jio True 5G coverage in 100% of the district headquarters. Gujarat it holds a special place, as it is Janmabhoomi (birthplace) of Reliance,” the company said in a statement.

This news comes with the launch of Jio’s first True 5G initiative, “Education For All”. Jio partnered with the Reliance Foundation to digitize over 100 schools in Gujarat.

“We are proud to share that Gujarat is now the first state to have district headquarters 100% connected with our robust True 5G network. We want to showcase the true power of this technology and how it can impact a billion lives. L ‘Education is a focal area for our honorable Prime Minister,’ Reliance Jio Infocomm chairman Akash M Ambani said in his statement.

Jio’s 5G network was also rolled out in Pune last week, with residents accessing speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second and unlimited 5G data. However, in order to beta test as fully as possible, Jio believed that making the service available statewide would help them understand exactly how the network works in areas with adequate coverage.

What is the Education for All initiative?

The Education For All initiative will start with the digitization of 100 schools in Gujarat. The plan is to connect schools with Jio’s 5G network, a student-teacher collaboration platform, rich content platform, and school platform for an unmatched learning experience.

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