The Samsung Galaxy S23 and the Apple iPhone 14 may share this feature | Figure

The Samsung Galaxy S23 and Apple iPhone 14 could share this feature

A new report claims that Samsung could equip its latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S23, with a key feature of the Apple iPhone 14. This year, its satellite communication technology debuted and we could see the same technology employed in the Samsung Galaxy S23. According to the brand, they have been working on satellite communication technology for over 2 years and have just managed to fix the problems.

ET News recently reported that Samsung has partnered with Iridium to develop its satellite communications technology. Iridium is a constellation in low Earth orbit that uses its 66 satellites to provide voice and data functions. By partnering with the communications brand, Samsung hopes to offer the ability to send text messages and low-resolution images over satellite connections.

Is it different from Apple iPhone 14 satellite technology?

Starting now, the Apple iPhone 14 allows users to send distress calls to their emergency contacts when they’re stranded in low signal areas. The tech giant has partnered with Globalstar to bring this feature to users. While this feature is free in some countries, Apple may decide to charge for it at a later date.

While this is a great feature to add, others have been striving to make improvements to it. For example, Huawei allows users to send limited text messages by taking advantage of Beidou satellites.

Challenges to overcome

Regular satellite devices typically have large antennas that stick out, allowing the user to make calls. The biggest challenge when bringing this technology to smartphones is ensuring that the antenna is small enough to fit inside the body of the smartphone while maintaining its effectiveness.

Since Samsung has already announced the technology, it’s fair to assume that it has overcome this specific challenge. The brand doesn’t think this technology has a place in South Korea, as the country has excellent 5G coverage. However, it expects to have a vital market in North and South America, Asia, Europe and Russia.

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 may have similar technology to the Apple iPhone 14.

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