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Twitter’s Brussels office shutdown leaves people asking questions

After the Musk takeover, Twitter has been in the news for one reason or another. This time, the reason why the microblogging platform has attracted everyone’s attention is due to the closure of its Brussels office.

In case you didn’t know, after a lengthy legal battle between the outgoing Twitter top brass and business mogul, Elon Musk, control of Twitter passed into the hands of Elon Musk. Wasting no time after moving into office, Musk made changes to Twitter’s operations that are loved by some and frowned upon by others. And this move to close the Brussels office is one of them. Reports of this first surfaced in a Financial Times report released Nov. 24.

Will Twitter follow the laws?

A report from the Financial Times claims that Twitter’s Brussels office has been the center of everything related to the Union’s digital policy. Twitter staff in the Brussels office have been actively involved in the digital policy making process for the EU and have worked with senior European Commission officials. While it may seem that the benefits gained from having a Twitter office in Brussels only benefited the EU, Twitter also had a lot to gain.

News about the imminent closure of the Brussels office circulated on the net. On November 14, Stephen Turner, who according to his Twitter and LinkedIn bio was part of the top management of Twitter’s Brussels office, finally said goodbye to the company, announcing his departure in a Tweet.

Being in such close contact with the institution responsible for legislating in the EU, meant that Twitter could easily anticipate any ongoing regulatory changes, ensuring they were at the forefront of the space. However, with Twitter’s Brussels office no longer operational, the brand will have to look for other ways to ensure its policies are in place. Additionally, there has been an indication from the Commission that there may be some pushback to come on Twitter. Underlying this is the fact highlighted in the Financial Times report, which is given the abatement of ties, will the platform follow the new stricter rules that are being put in place?

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