5-year-old boy rescued by his grandfather after a 3-metre python dragged him into a swimming pool

5-year-old boy rescued by his grandfather after a 3-metre python dragged him into a swimming pool

  • A python bit Beau Blake’s ankle and dragged him into a swimming pool, his father Ben told radio station 3AW.
  • According to Ben, the boy was saved by his 76-year-old grandfather, who jumped into the pool instantly.
  • The Byron Bay local told 3AW that Beau is “actually pretty good”, calling him “a soldier”.

Five-year-old Beau Blake survived being bitten and dragged into a pool by a ten-foot python, his father, Ben Blake, told local radio station 3AW.

She said Beau was playing in the pool at the family’s Byron Bay home when the python appeared and wrapped its mouth around the boy’s ankle. Beau was then pulled into the pool by the snake.

The boy’s father told the radio station he believed the snake was “sitting there waiting for something to come”.

“It was instantaneous, I saw a big black shadow come out of the bush, and before they hit bottom, it was completely wrapped around his leg,” she continued to the interviewer.

Beau’s 76-year-old grandfather Allan came to the rescue, jumping into the pool and carrying the boy and the snake back to dry land. “He jumped in before I even had a chance to contemplate getting in the pool,” Ben told 3AW.

When asked how long it took to free Beau from the snake’s grip, Ben said, “I’m not a kid. I had him released within 15 to 20 seconds. It was kind of an ordeal.”

Ben told the respondent that after holding the snake for about ten minutes, they released it back into the “crime scene.”

Ben went on to tell 3AW that Beau has been “an absolute soldier,” adding that they’ll be keeping him home from school to monitor for injuries.

Beau’s mother Tesse Ferguson later shared a warning with other Byron Bay parents via a Facebook post:

“A bit of a dramatic evening tonight and a heads up to the parents out there. My boys were having their usual after school swim at their grandparents’ in their very well kept garden when Beau was attacked by a 3m python as he was walking the edge of the pool and both the snake and the child fell into the pool,” she wrote.

The post continued: “Parents the unthinkable can happen! Keep an eye out.”

When asked if the family often sees snakes like this in the area, Ben explained to 3AW: ‘Look, it’s where we live, it’s Australia, but a big python like that lurking in the bushes, not so bad.’ .

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