2 Sheriff’s Deputies Indicted After Shooting To Death A 22-Year-Old Man Who Called Them For Help

2 Sheriff's Deputies Indicted After Shooting To Death A 22-Year-Old Man Who Called Them For Help


  • 22-year-old Christian Glass was killed by police in June during an apparent mental health emergency.
  • Glass called 911 after his car stalled and he was killed after a 70-minute standoff.
  • Andrew Buen and Kyle Gould were indicted on murder and manslaughter charges.

Andrew Buen and Kyle Gould, former deputies with the Clear Creek Sheriff’s Department in Colorado, were indicted following the June murder of Christian Glass, a 22-year-old who had called them for help during an apparent mental health crisis.

“Today’s decision by a grand jury to indict Mr. Andrew Buen and Mr. Kyle Gould, follows months of painstaking investigations by a team of dedicated investigators and careful consideration by our community members charged with being a part of a grand jury,” read a statement released Wednesday by the Clear Creek Sheriff’s Department.

Buen, who also faces a lawsuit over a separate excessive force incident that occurred in 2019, was charged with second-degree murder, official misconduct and reckless endangerment in connection with Glass’s death, with the court setting bail of $50,000 for the officer, according to a statement released by the 5th Judicial District Attorney. Gould was charged with criminal manslaughter and reckless endangerment, and his bail was set at $2,500.

Both deputies were fired from the sheriff’s department following the charges.

Glass was killed on June 11 following an approximately 70-minute interaction with officers responding to his call for 911 help. After his car got stuck on the side of a dark mountain road, Glass – who appeared to be suffering from a mental health crisis – was too scared to get out of his vehicle after seven response officers from different departments of the forces of the order arrived and did not comply with orders to open its doors.

Christian Glass makes a heart wave towards the officers who would later shoot and kill him.

Christian Glass makes a heart wave towards the officers who would later shoot and kill him.

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Although Glass had committed no crime, officers at the scene decided to break the passenger seat window to remove it. At that point, Glass, an amateur geologist, swung a short rock knife at the officers and cut himself with it. The officers fired poufs and then bullets at Glass, killing him.

A Glass family attorney, Siddhartha Rathod, previously told Insider that Deputy Buen was the first to arrive on the scene and repeatedly escalated the meeting with Christian, eventually firing the fatal shots that killed him.

Experts who analyzed the body camera footage released by the family told Insider that a better course of action would have been to leave Glass alone after he refused help, rather than making the decision to break into his vehicle or shoot him. .

An internal investigation into the incident is ongoing at the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Department, according to a department statement that acknowledged “there were policy and procedural failures” by responding officers.

“Nothing is going to bring Christian back to his family,” reads a statement Glass family lawyers sent to Insider. “Simon and Sally Glass are relieved that appropriate charges have been brought against some of those responsible for the murder of their son. However, justice for Christian will require that all involved be held accountable. Christian’s death is a blot on any officer who was present and failed to prevent the escalation and unnecessary use of force.”

Sheriff Rick Albers and representatives from the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Department did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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