Samsung may be working on a foldable laptop; patent shows a design similar to ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo | Figure

Samsung could be working on a foldable laptop; patent shows an ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo-like design

In recent years, foldable devices have turned many heads. While all the major consumer tech brands are giving foldables a chance on their assembly lines, South Korean tech giant Samsung has been leading the foldable smartphone market. While other companies have consumer-grade foldable smartphones on the market, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 are available globally, making them an affordable choice for most enthusiasts. However, when it comes to other categories, such as foldable laptops, other brands like ASUS and Lenovo are ahead of Samsung.

Samsung Foldable Laptop Patent Reveals Design

Well, that may change soon as Samsung works on a full-sized foldable laptop. According to a report by 91mobiles, the company applied for a foldable laptop in 2020. The patent was filed at the United States design patent and published on November 22, 2022. The patent shows that Samsung’s foldable laptop has an ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo -like design.

For those catching up, the ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo has a conventional display and a secondary touch screen towards the top of the keyboard. However, instead of using a secondary display, Samsung’s foldable laptop has a display that folds towards the bottom of the normal screen area and extends the display, pushing the keys towards the bottom edge.

Also, a small part of the screen, right next to the keyboard, can be used as a trackpad. The publication has uncovered more images of the design, which appear to represent a similar approach. As for the UI, it should display content continuously, i.e. the content should flow from the bottom of the screen (below the crease) to the top of the screen.

The design may have some drawbacks

Therefore, users might have a bigger screen to interact with the device instead of having a secondary screen. Although the device approaches the concept of foldable laptops in a new way, there may be some drawbacks. The images suggest that the laptop will have a full-size keyboard, but the keys may travel less due to the smaller space.

Also, most users are used to having a large trackpad in the center of the chassis. So having a smaller trackpad towards the right corner might make it difficult for some people to use. Also, the foldable display will have a noticeable crease. However, the patent does not disclose any specifications of Samsung’s foldable display; the laptop will likely be positioned as a flagship product and hence, will feature high-end components.

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