iPhone 15 Features Overview: From USB Type-C to iPhone 15 Ultra | Figure

iPhone 15 features roundup: From USB Type-C to iPhone 15 Ultra

Apple recently launched the Apple iPhone 14 smartphones and already we hear a lot about the upcoming Apple iPhone 15. Although the release date of the latter has not yet been confirmed (and is believed to be still a long way off), the reports on the its possible features have started making the rounds.

Below are some of the features that we can expect to see in the upcoming premium smartphones.

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra

The mini variants of Apple smartphones were discontinued with the launch of Apple iPhone 14 Pro as these devices failed to inspire big sales. This moniker has been replaced with the Max moniker, with the brand offering the Apple iPhone 14 Max as one of the variants. Now, the brand plans to get rid of the Pro Max moniker and replace it with Ultra. We have already seen the Ultra nomenclature in some Apple devices such as the Apple Watch and the high-end version of the MI chipset.

Solid state buttons on iPhone 15

The brand may move away from physical buttons altogether and will instead equip upcoming smartphones with solid-state buttons. The brand revealed the rationale behind this in a letter to shareholders, according to a report by MacRumours. He said that “the biggest change in next year’s new iPhone models is the removal of buttons, which would require additional drivers for the haptics engine.”

Periscope camera on iPhone 15

Currently, all Apple smartphones use a telephoto lens that offers 3x zoom. The Periscope camera will be a feature that has enhanced the zoom capabilities of the smartphone, bringing it to 10x optical zoom. The brand has been working on this lens for some time now and we could see the same in the Apple iPhone 15 series.

The rounded design of iPhone 15

According to ShrimpApplePro, the upcoming Apple 15 series will say goodbye to the boxy design we’ve gotten used to over the years. The brand is returning to its rounded design (last seen on the Apple iPhone 5C launched in 2015). Apple iPhone 14.

USB Type-C Port

India and the European Union have been quite vocal about the need for common chargers between devices. In fact, the European Parliament has already passed a mandate making USB Type-C chargers mandatory by 2024. For this reason, Apple may move towards USB Type-C ports to bring us chargers similar to the ones we see on Android smartphones. This could spell the end of the gate of enlightenment.

What do you think of these reported features? Read our review of the Apple iPhone 14 to know what the device offers.


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