What is KN Car? 30,000 queries a month Ask Google if it’s Kia

What is KN Car?  30,000 queries a month Ask Google if it's Kia

The “KIA” in any other image would probably be less confusing.

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The new Kia logo, which some say looks too much like

In January 2021, automaker Kia redesigned its previously recognizable circular “KIA” logo, which it had in a certain format since 1994, into a more stylized representation of the company name.

But the change has absolutely confused potential customers, according to The Drive. And it’s not even a small number of people.

About 30,000 people have Googled “KN car” every month since the logo’s debut, according to the outlet, noting that the surge started when the Kia Stinger hit the market with the new logo.

“I just want to point out how many people 30,000 actually is. That’s 360,000 people every year, 986 people a day, 41 people an hour, or one person every two minutesthe outlet added.

The new logo was also panned upon its release by some industry outlets. But other experts disagree.

EdKim, said the president and chief analyst of research and consulting firm AutoPacific Business owner search traffic from Kia’s confusing logo could work in their favor.

“Self [the new logo] it’s pretty obvious to people googling “What’s this logo?” I would say the logo is actually doing its job,” he said Business owner.

Twitter user Ashwinn Krishnaswamy first stained the Google trend.

Kia was founded in 1944 and is owned by Hyundai Motor Group, which is headquartered in South Korea. After investing more in cars, the company made a remarkable rebranding, going from an entry-level car in the 2000s a vehicle quality studies now at the top, noted Popular Mechanic.

The number of Kia and Hyundai vehicles sold in the U.S. has increased about 61 percent since 2010, noted CNBC, and the company sold more than 1.4 million cars in the U.S. in 2021, according to industry data from Cox Automotive, the outlet added.

The company introduced the new logo in January 2021, stating that “[declared] the future transformation of the brand.”

“The logo’s unbroken, rhythmic line conveys Kia’s commitment to bringing moments of inspiration, while its symmetry demonstrates confidence,” the press release added.

The old Kia logo, courtesy company

But it seems the new logo doesn’t resonate with all customers. As The Drive notes, there are multiple Reddit threads on the issue.

On the Reddit forum “R/what is this car” (which stands for any “unknown vehicle you’d like to identify”) someone posted a Kia with the new logo, and someone wrote, “It’s their new logo.”

“Thanks! I don’t think I’m a fan of it,” the original poster replied. Some users said they liked it.

Two top-voted comments in another Reddit thread add: “I hate it. Every time I see it, I see KN, not Kia” and, in response, “Same. I had to google the KN car logo to figure out what it was. I thought it was something new.” Others on Twitter mentions of Krishnaswamy disagree.

Kim, for his part, added that he thought the logo switch made sense in the context of Kia’s shift to a reliable car and gained more “pricing power,” particularly with the release of the Telluride car model. very popular in 2019 for 2020 market. The 2023 Telluride starts at $35,690.

“I think the logo goes hand-in-hand with where the Kia brand is now and where it’s going,” Kim said. “Cars have become much more attractive and also much more sophisticated,” she added.

The company did not respond to a request for comment.

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